Day two with…

Yoav Admoni (Betonest/Ponderosa)
Eleonora Herder (ID Frankfurt)
Dr. Michael Hirsch
Prof. Monika Kostera (Jagiellonian University, Kraków)
Norbert Pape (PAF)
Elena Polzer (Ehrliche Arbeit)
Caique Tizzi (Agora)
Elisabeth Wulff-Werthner (Zentralwerk Dresden)
Prof. Karen van den Berg (Zeppelin Universität)

Eleonora Herder talks about ID Frankfurt

A conversation on work, pay and politics…

Monika Kostera shares a story about (archetypical) stories…

Ethics, not politics! Michael Hirsch shares his theoretical perspective on thinking about contemporary work-lives

Karen van den Berg talks about the administrative conditions of existence of cultural initiatives…