Barbara Lubich

Barbara is a film-maker and initiator of Zentralwerk. She invited Sheena McGrandles and us to visit Zentralwerk in Dresden.

Caique Tizzi

Caique’s artistic practice involves food. As initiator of Agora in Berlin, he hosted Roberta Mosca and visited with us Autobahn William Willhelm Caffee Dallas (Rosazza, Italy) and PAF (St.Érme, France).

Norbert Pape

Norbert is a dancer, choreographer and studies mathematics. He has been initiator of ID Frankfurt and is one of 50 co-owners of PAF. He travelled with us to Autobahn William Willhelm Caffee Dallas (Rosazza, Italy) and introduced Caique, Sheena and us to PAF (St.Érme, France).

Roberta Mosca

Roberta is a performer, choreographer and former Forsythe dancer. She is also initiator of Autobahn William Willhelm Caffee Dallas (Rosazza, Italy), where she hosted Caique, Norbert and us. She joined us when visiting Agora in Berlin.

Sheena McGrandles

Sheena is a choreographer and performer, who joined Caique in running Agora. She hosted Roberta at Agora in Berlin and visited PAF (St.Érme, France) and Zentralwerk (Dresden).