Travelling constituted an important part of working utopias not only to reach different artist-run spaces/places but also to use the intimacy and temporary seclusion of an in-between space that travelling evokes to co-create a conversation. For this we invited different artists who engage in artist-run organisations that we intended to visit to join us on our journey. During our travels we asked them to reflect on the utopian potential of their organisations and how it survives within established working structures and the challenges of (pragmatic) everyday procedures. The aim was to enable a refreshing exchange about the potential of their practices and how their reflections and evaluations flow into desires and future intentions. All in all we visited Agora, Autobahn William Willem Caffee Dallas, Critical Concrete, KuLe, PAF and Zentralwerk. To some of these places we travelled with Caique Tizzi (Agora), Nobert Pape (PAF), Roberta Mosca (Autobahn), Sheena McGrandles (Agora). Next to conversations with people running these organisations we also had conversations with people who were reflecting on their collaborative practices beyond specific places.