Saskia Schlegel

Saskia just finished their master studies in management when they joined us as our invaluable assistant for the last year of our project.

© E. Dotzer

Prof. Karen van den Berg

Karen holds a chair for Art Theory and Curating at Zeppelin University and gave Working Utopias an administrative and intellectual home.

Ayşe Orhon

Ayşe is a choreographer and performer. She was part of the master seminar in Stolpe to which she contributed a workshop on movement practice in collaboration with Christina.

Barbara Greiner

Barbara is a performance art production manager. She supported us in the course of the performance Unfolding and the Sympósion.

© Tobias Lehmann

Caique Tizzi

Caique’s artistic practice involves food. For Working Utopias he contributed a food concept to our Sympósion and was fellow traveller to Autobahn William Willhelm Caffee Dallas and PAF.

Chris Hewitt

Chris is specialised in producing and editing video documentation of performance art. All video material on this website exists thanks to him and his endless patience.

© Dieter Hartwig

Ditteke Waidelich

Ditteke is scenographer and costume designer. She was responsible for the aesthetic environment of both, the performance Unfolding and the Sympósion.

Gretchen Blegen

Gretchen, an interdisciplinary artist and light designer, was responsible for the subtly changing atmospheres of both, Unfolding and the Sympósion.

Igor Dobričić

Igor is a dramaturge and as such involved with the performance Unfolding and the Sympósion.

© Joav Admoni

Mona Florian

Mona was PhD researcher at Viadrina University and collaborated with Anke in co-creating the master seminar in Stolpe.

Prof. Saskia Hebert

Saskia is an architect and transformation designer. Together with her students, she co-created the master seminar in Stolpe that could be described as an experiment in utopian practice. She also was conversation-partner during the Sympósion.

© Saskia Hebert

Uli Kaiser

Uli is a maker involved with Ponderosa (Stolzenhagen). Together with others he also acquired a former concrete factory in Stolpe to develop it into a place where cultural production runs along with diverse other businesses, initiatives and projects. He opened the concrete factory to Anke’s and Saskia’s (management, cultural studies and transformation design) students, who – together with Christina and Ayşe – experimented with developing concepts for its alternative futures.